I have been labelled as creative my whole life, working with different mediums, integrating the techniques of artists and teachers into my own works as an artist. My formal university study was in psychology, my work experience has been in organization development and these have enabled me to develop and refine intuition, observation, subtlety and perception. By layering colours upon one another, my work has been described as ethereal, calming and inspirational, creating a compelling feeling of inner peace.

I have met with success through word of mouth, often in collaboration with clients.  My work hangs in a variety of places; residential neighbourhoods in Toronto, Calgary, Tromso, Norway and Brooklyn, NY, funky Queen west condos and quirky High Park homes, prominent law firms and in a 200 year old renovated farm house in the Umbria countryside in Italy.

I have ready-made works for sale but have also had great success collaborating with clients to create specific artwork on a commission basis for home or business. For further details, you can contact me.


For more information about my work, commissioned pieces or pricing on works, feel free to contact me.